So this is what is called speaking. I believe that is the term. When words come out, fly into the air, live for a moment and die. Strange, is it not?

How does it feel when your sweater becomes a medium of your own voice? Trikoton transfers audio signals into knitwear, giving them a poetic attitude. On the trikoton.com platform, you can record a message, a song or a melody.
Their loudness, frequency and modulations are converted into binary codes for knitting patterns, as unique as the human voice. Trikoton also produces limited editions, occurred from collaborations with artists, available in shops as well as on the website.
Located in Berlin trikoton is working together with local manufacturers, bringing together traditional and new technologies, to ensure high quality products for concerned consumer. (Quote - Paul Auster: City of Glass)

For further Information please contact us:

c/o Staub Studio
Manteuffelstrasse 48
10999 Berlin/Germany